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BNS assists businesses and nonprofit organizations in constructing strong, mutually beneficial linkages.

Corporate Consulting

Short-Term Help with
Long-Term Benefits

BNS helps companies plan and implement strategies that yield benefits to both society and the corporate donor. A BNS exercise called the Seven Elements of Intelligent Company Grantmaking is widely used to assess corporate philanthropy effectiveness.

Unlike many consulting firms that seek billable relationships with businesses that can last months or years, BNS provides support services that deliver results in days.

Whether used to help design a high-impact or "signature" component of a company's contributions program or to evaluate the effectiveness of a company foundation, BNS applies years of experience working with over 200 businesses to get the job done effectively and quickly. Some examples:

  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals: Assisting one of the world's largest pharmaceutical businesses to develop and launch a contributions-funded initiative that will heighten U.S. awareness of the company's corporate responsibility.
  • Target: Conducting an interactive meeting with national community relations managers to identify ways to bolster the company's already strong contributions reputation.
  • Bausch &: Lomb: Assisting the company overhaul its general contributions activities as part of the firm's general restructuring.
  • Chrysler: Helping the auto manufacturer map out ways to continue and expand its efforts to assist Iraq war veterans re-enter private life.

For businesses looking to start or expand non-cash giving programs, BNS is a particularly valuable resource. With product contributions increasingly being used as "the new currency" in the corporate philathropy field, BNS can help design a plan that converts slow-moving inventory and other products into charitable contributions that yield valuable tax benefits and bolster brand awareness.

Corporations that want more external and internal exposure for their contributions and community relations program can get help by contacting BNS. Working with Capital Media Communications, BNS can develop targeted press releases, special events and other communication concepts that will generate more exposure for a company's social responsibility.